Honey Pearls®

Honey Pearls® are 100% natural and containing no artificial flavors or additives. Honey Pearls® add the delicate sweetness of honey to your cup with the convenience of sugar. At only 12 calories per teaspoon serving, our crystallized honey can adorn your coffee or tea cup every day!


Available in 8oz Glass Jar, 2lb Bulk Canister, Gift Tin with 40 individual sticks, or a case of 500 individual sticks.

Honey Pearls® Glass Jar approx. 8 ounces #54201
Retail Honey Pearls® Bulk Product, 8 oz. Jar #54201
Retail Honey Pearls® 40 ct. Tin of Sticks #54501
Food Service Honey Pearls® Bulk Product, 2 lb canister #54301