Introducing: White Lion Wellness Teas

Tea is not only a cultural tradition around the globe, it is also renowned for its health benefits—and many people are finally catching on to its holistic qualities. Which is why White Lion Tea is proud to announce our new line of Wellness Teas! 

Wellness Teas

Our Wellness Teas are a comprehensive line of organic tea blends that promote wellness in body and mind. The blends are primarily herbal, with tons of antioxidants and lower caffeine levels. Enjoy them hot or iced, with a recommended serving size of three to six cups daily. They are sustainably and responsibly sourced, so you can feel confident that your tea is good for you AND the environment.

The Wellness line includes seven delicious options: Detox (Deep Clean), Digestion (Tummy Tamer), Focus (Mind Matters), Immunity (Stress Shield), Inflammation (Tranquil Tissue), Relax (Pillow Zen), and Slenderize (Lean Genes). These teas were specifically designed by the White Lion team to reflect and fit the various needs of people following a functional wellness lifestyle—whether you need Detox on a Monday or Slenderize to curb cravings on a Thursday, the Wellness Teas enhance healthy habits. Each tea's ingredients were chosen by a naturopathic doctor to provide incredible health benefits along with a delicious taste.

White Lion Tea is known as a luxury lifestyle brand, and we strongly feel that this new Wellness line complements and commingles with our traditional offerings as people pursue healthier lifestyles. Drinking a cup of Focus tea at work in the afternoon and Organic Citrus Chamomile to unwind at night are both possible with White Lion’s products.

Wellness Lifestyle and Tea

The wellness movement has become a $686 billion global market as of 2016 and is projected to grow to $815 billion by 2021 as people become more conscientious of their well-being and lifestyle. People are also becoming more proactive with their overall health, instead of reacting to health problems as they arise. Because of this mindset change, businesses (such as spas, retailers, and manufacturers) are working to accommodate their services with peoples’ lifestyle needs. White Lion is anticipating and aligning with the wants and needs of living a holistic lifestyle as our customers focus more on their wellness.

Since tea is an affordable luxury as well as a functionally healthy beverage, it makes sense that people are turning to tea as a delicious and comforting alternative to sugar-laden drinks. Consumers from all demographics continue to increase their tea consumption, leading to an increase in all tea market segments. The Specialty Tea segment is particularly taking off, since people are gaining interest in different flavor combinations and possibilities. White Lion Teas, including our new Wellness Teas, fit perfectly into this segment as our carefully curated ingredient combinations create a delightful sensory experience.

Since White Lion Tea is a lifestyle brand, we are excited to add this new line to fit our customers’ holistic lifestyle needs. But don’t just take our word for it—Relax (Pillow Zen) already has a glowing review:

“Recently I was introduced to your Relax-Pillow Zen tea while visiting your Scottsdale location. It had been typical for me to sleep for a couple of hours, wake up, have to get up, have some more chamomile tea and reset my sleep cycle to get back to sleep for the rest of the night. The past several nights, I have been drinking your Relax-Pillow Zen tea before going to bed and have been able to get through the night without the sleep cycle reset rigmarole. It doesn’t noticeably make me anymore relaxed or sleepy than any other chamomile tea, but the effect of not waking to the point of having to get up is a game changer! The taste is really nice too! This time of year, I prefer it iced with a little Stevia. Thank you for Relax Pillow Zen!”


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