For those committed to perfection, there is simply no other way to serve tea. This time-honored tradition defines grace and hospitality. Butler style tea service conveys the ultimate in traditional luxury. Staff presents your guest with an individual prepared pot of tea.

  • Most effective in fine dining
  • Maximum impact to your guest with minimum skill & effort from your staff
  • Increase check average to drive profit

Tea Bar

White Lion tea bars are designed to impress even the most discerning guest while maintaining operational ease.

  • Most effective in spa, coffee shop, & concierge settings
  • Can be barista staffed or self-serve
  • Drives profit by reducing waste & pilferage

Wrapped Sachets

Select White Lion teas are available in individually wrapped, jewel-like sachets. They offer the indulgence of loose tea with the convenience of a tea bag. Perfect for use in a setting where uncompromising quality is demanded but time, space, or staff may be limited.

  • Single-cup service promotes quick table turns to help drive profit
  • Most effective in casual dining, coffee kiosk, and retail
  • Individually barcoded for cash register scan

Iced Tea

White Lion Iced Tea is perfectly positioned for sales in the white tablecloth, bistro, or spa setting. The sophisticated customer desires an alternative to overly sweet sodas, yet wants more flavor than bottled water. With its healthy reputation, premium iced tea is a natural choice. White Lion offers a selection of elegant iced teas—black, green, and flavored—all without sweeteners or preservatives.

  • Flavored teas enhance value to drive profit
  • Two tiers of black tea for a competitive price point
  • Custom iced tea formulations for restaurant chains and food service accounts
  • Iced tea cocktail recipes available