White Lion Tea Pride

White Lion Mission

There is pride and dignity in economic empowerment. That's what Pride Mission is all about. We provide opportunity through education and jobs for individuals who would otherwise be overlooked.

In Kenya, girls are often overlooked. They are seen as a liability to be married off as soon as possible while the family or tribe will pool resources to educate a boy. We provide scholarships to the girls in the villages where our tea and coffee is grown. According to the World Bank, “Educating girls yields a higher rate of return than any other investment available in the developing world.”

In the United States, we are committed to support adults who have physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities by giving them good jobs in the state-of-the-art coffee and tea packaging facility where our single serve cups are produced. These jobs not only foster self-worth, they enrich and transform lives.

Pride Mission is 'teaching people how to fish' to create sustainable social change…the result is self-reliance, pride and dignity, one life at a time. Make a difference. Join the Pride.

scholarships making a difference